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Innovation Booster

Swiss Food Ecosystems

Our food system is broken!
Be part of the solution and encourage a holistic and collaborative culture by means of open innovation.

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Are YOU ready to join for transformative & disruptive innovations?

  • Be prepared to map, analyze and learn about the problems of the Agro Food Ecosystem and what is hindering impactful solutions.
  • Join us for the next Open Exploration Workshops to find out about radical opportunities for change. view details
  • Get a voucher for CHF 5'000.- and coaching from experts to refine the idea.
  • Find teammates to come up with solutions in a second step and submit a development project.
  • Get up-to 40'000.- CHF to develop the project further.

Join our Events: 

05.07.2023 - Project Day 

05.09.2023 - Open Exploration Workshop on Resource Efficiency

Methodology and Process


Incubation Process 





3 verticals to tackle the major problems of the agro food ecosystem.



Smart Nutrition solutions for:

Personalized nutrition, microbiota vs health, fermentations, digitalization, 3D printed food, proteins (alternative & traditional ones), silver economy, food disorders, salt & sugar reduction…..

Bioeconomy solutions for:

Resources efficiency, Biomass valorization, Circular economy

New business & distribution models/agricultural practices, new recycling streams, new value chains, biobased industries, new biomaterials, high-value molecules, climate resilient crops/protein and oilseed crops, AgTech, robotic i.e. to reduce phytosanitary agents, CO2 neutral systems…

Packaging solutions for:

Functionality, food preservation & shelf life, food safety, antimicrobials, new materials, polymers, bioprinting, 3D printing, biobased, biodegradability, recyclability, and new recycling streams….​


In a collaborative approach, we will find new thinking methods to tackle the challenges and come to new solutions - Ready to join the journey?



The Innovation Booster Swiss Food Ecosystems is a joint activity of Cluster Food & Nutrition and Swiss Food Research.
By joining the initiative you get access to the biggest Agro Food Innovation Community in Switzerland.

Download general presentation: Link


Stay tuned.